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Game changing trading tools for smart investors.

Capture the power of AI and fully automate your forex trading today.

Intelligent trading bot

The intelligent trading bot that removes emotions and actively trades for you 24/7

The ASCENDING EQUITY team has created the META TRADE BOT software

as an advanced auto-trading tool that uses artificial intelligence to trade currency pairs in the Forex market. The META TRADE BOT was designed to tilt the scales in favor of traders and give them a clear advantage when trading these markets. It’s an effective tool for both novice and advanced traders.

artificial intelligence for forex trading bot
Auto trading and save time


Saves time and lets you stay ahead of the game with auto-trading.


The Bot does the hard work while you focus more time on family, business, hobbies, sports, etc.

return on  investment


Tirelessly scans the market for profitable trades.

Monitors and manages your trades 24/7.

Trading has never been so simple and profitable.

Emotionless bot icon in smartphone


Removes human emotion which can be a trader’s greatest weakness.


Eliminates fear and greed from your trading.


Automatically follows a strict set of proven rules.

perfect tool for traders

Perfect Tool

Can be used to either fully automate or semi-automate your trading depending on your need.


Perfect tool for all traders from novice to advanced.


Automatically adjusts to ever changing market conditions.

The META TRADE BOT has been rigorously back-tested on real data feeds dating back 7 years, and more importantly, the META TRADE BOT has proven its value by consistently delivering profits to both retail and institutional users in fully automated live trading since its release in July 2022! 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Real data. Real results.

Built-in filters built just for you.

The META TRADE BOT uses built-in filters to find the best entry and exit points combined with an advanced grid system to monitor active trades and exit in profit. This helps traders ignore unfavorable entries and take advantage of preferred entries and exits. The Bot also has built-in advanced features to control risk, entry, exit, take-profit, stop-loss, max allowed trades, etc.

Check out the intelligent trading Bot that removes emotions and actively trades for you 24/7

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